Install React Native Camera for Face Detection

In this post, we will deal with installing react native camera, hassle-free into an android app and will configure it to use Firebase MLKit for face detection Before we start integrating we assume that you have a react native app with firebase integrated. If not then please go through creating firebase project and How to … Read more

Good React Native UI kit

No other cross-platform framework had such a profound impact on mobile development as react native. There has been a growing trust and react native is established as a development platform. There has always been a demand for react native UI kit. And the good news is there are many cross-platform react native kit for UI … Read more

How To Create Firebase project for android push notification

This is part one of a two-part blog post. We will integrate firebase cloud messaging in a react native android app. We will first create a firebase project and will create an android app within it. If you wish to see the configuration steps in react native then you can read the part two Step … Read more

React Native Push notifications android

This is part two and final part of the blog post where we integrate firebase into react native android project and send push notification. If you have not yet created your firebase project and downloaded your google-services.json file then start by reading part one of the series. In this part, we will integrate firebase into … Read more

ProgressHUD like loader in React Native

I order to create a loader or Head-Up Display for react native app we will create a simple component with activity indicator, which can cover full screen and disable all user action till the time it is showing. Given below is the code of Loader. Create an ActivityOverlay.js file and add the given code to … Read more