Good React Native UI kit

No other cross-platform framework had such a profound impact on mobile development as react native. There has been a growing trust and react native is established as a development platform. There has always been a demand for react native UI kit. And the good news is there are many cross-platform react native kit for UI available as of today.

In this blog post, I will discuss my two favorites. Each one has great potential and can reduce app development time considerably.

React Native Elements

My absolute favorite, React Native Elements is a cross-platform UI toolkit. react native elements provides basic components wrapped in an innovative way. Designed to fulfill modern app design requirement react native elements provide many common design elements out of the box. Few of the custom UI components provided with react native elements are listed below

  • Avatar
  • Badge
  • ButtonGroup
  • Card
  • CheckBox
  • Divider
  • Header
  • Icon
  • ListItem
  • Overlay
  • Pricing
  • Rating
  • Slider
  • SocialIcon
  • Tile
  • Tooltip

React native elements comes with many icons. React native elements is an absolute pleasure to use.


Material UI brings the ease of material design to react native app. It has ever thing from material design brought into react native. It also comes with all the standard components like table, tabs, boxes, etc. The only downside for me is that Material UI is more androidish and looks out of place on iOS apps.

Whatever you may choose these two react native UI kits will reduce your development time considerably.

A pat on the back !!