Fix”libobjc.A.dylib is being read from process memory”

The error occurs when LLDB fails to read necessary binary from given below folder and tries to read from device memory A quick fix solution will be to remove the device support folder entirely. Follow the steps given below to do so Xcode will be forced to recreate device support files thus removing any corrupt … Read more

Making RGB colour in Xcode

I remember when I first tried using the colour directly from photoshop into my project the colours were appearing whitish while it was yellowish in photoshop the colour value was Color-R-160, G-97, B-5. though very basic but somehow I could not take into account that I need to give a value between 0 and 1.0. … Read more

Set UISegmentedControl selected segment color

Previously in order to set selected segment color in UISegmentControl we needed to loop through subviews and set the right one like this imagine the uncertainties 😀 But since Xcode 11+ we can directly set selected tint in storyboard like this. In iops 13 + we can also use selectedSegmentTintColor. Makes life easy.

Xcode doesn’t support ios 14.6

It is always a good idea to turn off the auto-update for development devices. But since your device is at a higher version now and Xcode is not recognizing it, you need to add support for it. There are two solutions Download latest Xcode Add device support files to your existing Xcode Since the first … Read more

Errno::ENOENT – No such file or directory

While doing pod install many of us have come across this issue. There are few standard approaches towards dealing with this 1. pod update In some cases following steps could help Delete Podfile.lock Run pod update instead of pod install Pod update will update all the pods to latest version while respecting the Podfile version … Read more

Certificate is not trusted mac keychain

Summary: Delete and reinstall WWDR and recreate certificate. I came across a weird issue while making enterprise certificate from apple developer. I followed all the steps required to make a certificate. The steps whereas follows Create a CSR file Create a certificate on the developer centre Upload CSR file Generate and download certificate Now the … Read more

The application bundle does not contain a valid identifier

On rare occasions Xcode will refuse to run your app on a device and you will come across this error The application bundle does not contain a valid identifier. Domain: Code: -402653108 Xcode One of these three steps given below will resolve the issue for you Clear Derived Data Delete derived data then clean … Read more