Remove a file from tracking in git

So you have added a new file to .gitignore or you have just added a new .gitignore file to your existing repo. The problem is same you don’t want git to rack one or many files. This can be archived in simple 3 step process. Assuming that you have already added or updated .gitignore file … Read more

Delete a git branch from local and remote

Git branch can be deleted easily using following commands Most of the time remote name is origin. For deleting git branch locally you can use following command If you are working in a large team and you don’t want to keep deleted branch locally you can prune your repo by using following command Hope this … Read more

Git revert to previous commit

There are situation when you mess up so bad you want to just go back and restart again. Fortunately If you are using Git then you can do it. We will be discussing ways in which git allows you to revert to previous commit 1.Git reset Git rest moves your head to a specific commit. … Read more

Naming git repositories

Naming repositories is a very critical task irrespective of how insignificant it may seem. Fact is number of repositories, you have to deal with, will only grow in future and you might have to archive and revisit some. Having a clear searchable and predictable repo name will help. Points to consider while establishing repository naming … Read more