TestFlight: File an Annual Self Classification Report

While uploading the build to the test flight many where greeted with compliance missing. Which on further alerted users with a message “If you are making use of ATS or making a call to HTTPS please note that you are required to submit a year-end self-classification report to the US government” This is because of the … Read more

Invite TestFlight testers with a public link

Everyone loved Diawi for its simplicity. Good news is Apple has made beta testing simple, like Diawi. Now you can Invite TestFlight testers with a public link. No need to manage email list and testers can remain anonymous. So now you can drop your app test link in a public forum for anonymous users to test and … Read more

App Transport Security basics

App Transport Security (ATS)  is a network security feature on Apple platforms and is enabled by default. It ensures that applications implement industry standard security without known weaknesses and ensures data integrity and privacy. The purpose of App Transport Security is to improve sense of security in end users by ensuring that no accidental network … Read more

What does GM Seed mean in Xcode GM Seed

Apple just launched Xcode 11 GM seed and had many people confused what GM Seed means. GM stands for gold master. It is finalized firmware released before the public release. It is different from beta versions as it can be used to build and upload apps on Appstore DOWNLOAD XCODE XIP?DMG FROM>>>

Naming git repositories

Naming repositories is a very critical task irrespective of how insignificant it may seem. Fact is number of repositories, you have to deal with, will only grow in future and you might have to archive and revisit some. Having a clear searchable and predictable repo name will help. Points to consider while establishing repository naming … Read more

Apple into BLE and WiFi aided indoor positioning

In WWDC 2014  session 708 Apple gave a introduction about indoor positioning. The indoor positioning is a area which cannot be covered using GPS as the signals are not expected to be accurate enough inside steal and concrete structure.So the the available signals were WiFi and beacons using BLE.

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Missing iOS Distribution signing identity for … Xcode can request one for you

if you tried upload App to iTunes Connect resp. AppStore and get the following error: Failed to locate or generate matching signing assets Xcode attempted to locate or generate matching signing assets and failed to do so because of the following issues. Missing iOS Distribution signing identity for … Xcode can request one for you. This … Read more