AVPlayerViewController as subview

We understand that AVPlayerViewController is a ViewController and like all view controllers, it takes full view when it’s either pushed or presented. But it can also be rendered as a subview with a custom frame by adding it as a child viewcontroller. The approach is pretty straightforward. The code given below plays a video from … Read more

Embed YouTube video in WKWebView

Get the youtube video URL Add WKWebView to your UIView using code. Somehow it works better when added through code. Your resulting code will look like this 3. Now create a request with your youtube URL and add ?playsinline=1 this will play video inline. The resulting code will look like this To get the best … Read more

RxSwift zip operator when one observable can fail

Recently I ran into a situation where I had to make two independent API requests and one of the API requests was discardable. I was sure that Observable.zip was the way to go. So i went ahead and implemented, My code looked something like this This was apparently very easy to implement and worked well … Read more