Naming git repositories

Naming repositories is a very critical task irrespective of how insignificant it may seem. Fact is number of repositories, you have to deal with, will only grow in future and you might have to archive and revisit some. Having a clear searchable and predictable repo name will help. Points to consider while establishing repository naming … Read more

Swift UIColor utilities : Random Hex colour codes, Random UIColor

Simple to use swift functions which are very useful in development and testing.

1. Generating random UIColor in Swift: Function returns random UIColor each time

func randomUIColor(alpha:CGFloat!)-> UIColor
    return  UIColor(red: CGFloat.random(in: 0...1), green: CGFloat.random(in: 0...1), blue: CGFloat.random(in: 0...1), alpha: alpha)

2. Random HEX Color code in Swift 3: Function returns random 3 char Hex colour code each time.

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Download Xcode: Download Xcode 15/14/13 xip

Download links for Xcode 10.1, Xcode 10, Xcode 9, Xcode 8, XCode 7, XCode 6 are given below. The list is organized in newest first and a developer account login will be required. Latest Xcode version on top Xcode 15 15.3 15.2 15.1 15.0 Xcode 14 14.3.1 14.3 14.2 14.1 14.0.1 14.0 Xcode 13 13.4 … Read more