Quickly generate random numbers in swift

Swift has a random function, build in the language core. It can be used to generate random values for float, Int, Double and Bool. The below code examples will make the usage clear

How to convert String to an Int in swift

In swift a String can be converted into a Int in a very easy and safe way. Below example will show how we can easily convert a String to an Int value nil coalescing can also be used if we wish to return a default value in case of a invalid string Hope this helps!!!

Sorting swift array

We can easily sort a swift array using two provided function array.sort array.sorted We will see both array.sort() and array.sorted() in action and will understand how they differ from each other in a subtle way, while sorting a swift array in place and returning a sorted copy of the swift array. Example code for the … Read more

Convert degrees to radians and radians to degrees

In real life, we are used to degrees and in programming, we deal mostly with radians. If you are dealing with drawing specifically arc and circles you will come across situations where you have to toggle between degrees and radians and at other times between radians to degrees. Relationship between Degrees and Radian The above … Read more


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