Realm implementing GROUP BY query equivalent in swift

Realm GROUP BY query equivalent can be achieved in swift very effectively. Going ahead in the post I will create an imaginary requirement and I will guide you through the necessary solution. Let us start with our realm data model import UIKit import RealmSwift @objcMembers final class Room:Object{ dynamic var roomID:String? = “” //Room ID … Read more

Invite TestFlight testers with a public link

Everyone loved Diawi for its simplicity. Good news is Apple has made beta testing simple, like Diawi. Now you can Invite TestFlight testers with a public link. No need to manage email list and testers can remain anonymous. So now you can drop your app test link in a public forum for anonymous users to test and … Read more

Download Xcode 10.1 beta 2

The all-new Xcode 10 beta 1 can be downloaded from apple  using a valid Apple ID Download Xcode 10.1 beta 2 A valid Apple ID is required. If your are already logged in in the browser Xcode 10 Beta 1 download will start directly. Else you will be redirected to the login screen. Once you will … Read more