A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Geofences in Swift

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How to inject JavaScript code into a WKWebView in Swift?

To inject JavaScript code into a WKWebView in Swift, you can use the evaluateJavaScript(_:completionHandler:) method provided by WKWebView. Here is an example code snippet that loads a web page and then injects a JavaScript code snippet that changes the background color of the document: In this example, the webView(_:didFinish:) method is called when the web … Read more

Exploring the Top 5 New Features in the Latest Swift Update

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Exploring the Swift Standard Library: Hidden Gems You May Not Know About

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App Crashes Only On Testflight Build Swift

If you are facing a situation that your app crashes only on TestFlight build then you need to follow following steps Add you apple account to your Xcode. You can do this by going to Xcode-> preferences->Accounts. Click on the + button and the same apple developer account which you are using for test flight. … Read more

Swift UIColor utilities : Random Hex colour codes, Random UIColor

Simple to use swift functions which are very useful in development and testing.

1. Generating random UIColor in Swift: Function returns random UIColor each time

func randomUIColor(alpha:CGFloat!)-> UIColor
    return  UIColor(red: CGFloat.random(in: 0...1), green: CGFloat.random(in: 0...1), blue: CGFloat.random(in: 0...1), alpha: alpha)

2. Random HEX Color code in Swift 3: Function returns random 3 char Hex colour code each time.

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