Download Xcode 10.1 beta 2

The all-new Xcode 10 beta 1 can be downloaded from apple  using a valid Apple ID Download Xcode 10.1 beta 2 A valid Apple ID is required. If your are already logged in in the browser Xcode 10 Beta 1 download will start directly. Else you will be redirected to the login screen. Once you will … Read more

Unable to verify xcode and simulator installation

When running npm run ios some time an error comes $ react-native-scripts ios Starting packager… Starting simulator… Unable to check Xcode version: Error: Process exited with non-zero code: 1 Failed to start simulator: Unable to verify Xcode and Simulator installation. Exiting… The error can come if you don’t have any command line tool selected in xcode … Read more

Xcode 9.3 download

Apple has released a new beta of Xcode 9.3. The new beta release includes Swift 4 and SDKs with latest innovations and cutting edge features to enable you to build awesome apps.You can Download the new Beat from here Download Xcode 9.3 SWIFT INTERVIEW QUESTIONS  AWESOME JSON PARSING JUST ONE LINE        

App Transport Security basics

App Transport Security (ATS)  is a network security feature on Apple platforms and is enabled by default. It ensures that applications implement industry standard security without known weaknesses and ensures data integrity and privacy. The purpose of App Transport Security is to improve sense of security in end users by ensuring that no accidental network … Read more

Rename Xcode project completely with Pods and Bridging header

Renaming a project in Xcode can be a trouble if you don’t know what you are doing. In this tutorial you will learn about steps and checks necessary for changing project name. This guide is divided into 2 section

  1. Renaming a basic Xcode project
  2. Renaming a Xcode project with Pods and Bridging Header

Read more

WKWebView NSCoding support was broken in previous versions

WebKit was introduced in iOS 8 but was released with an error which resulted in a runtime crash if the configuration was done using Interface Builder. So in Xcode 9 if your project configuration has minimum OS support less than 11.0 and you try to add WebKit using interface builder Xcode shows an error. This … Read more


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