Errno::ENOENT – No such file or directory

While doing pod install many of us have come across this issue. There are few standard approaches towards dealing with this

1. pod update

In some cases following steps could help

  • Delete Podfile.lock
  • Run pod update instead of pod install

Pod update will update all the pods to latest version while respecting the Podfile version restriction though it will ignore version listed in Podfile.lock.

2. Update local spec repo

You might need to update your local pod spec repo.

  • Run pod repo update

3.Check ruby version and Pod version

Sometimes you might not be in sync with the team and your pod version is not the latest or you are using a different version of ruby. The best approach will be to check for the working combination with your peers and downgrade or upgrade to it. For example one of my teammates was having an issue with pod version 1.10.1 and ruby 3…. a downgrade to ruby 2.6.3 resolved the issue.

A pat on the back !!