Download Xcode 10 xip build 10A255

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Download Xcode 10 xip from Apple developer. A valid Apple ID is required. New Features Added an export option to the Quick Look popover for data types such as NSData. (41370369) Newly created schemes now default to being shared by all users of an Xcode project. To create a personal scheme,… Read more »

Unable to verify xcode and simulator installation

When running npm run ios some time an error comes $ react-native-scripts ios Starting packager… Starting simulator… Unable to check Xcode version: Error: Process exited with non-zero code: 1 Failed to start simulator: Unable to verify Xcode and Simulator installation. Exiting… The error can come if you don’t have any command… Read more »

Cannot Edit App Information in iTunes

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Starting 23 April 2013 Apple has locked App information fields in iTunes which means that you cannot edit them while uploading a new version of the app. However folloing feilds are still editable App’s support URL Marketing URL Whats new in this version. Apart from above mentioned feilds every thing… Read more »

App Transport Security basics

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App Transport Security (ATS)  is a network security feature on Apple platforms and is enabled by default. It ensures that applications implement industry standard security without known weaknesses and ensures data integrity and privacy. The purpose of App Transport Security is to improve sense of security in end users by… Read more »