How to add back ground image to uitableview

Hi i saw an app made by one of my students and one thing which was missing in his app was a background image behind the table view. as a results when i scrolled the beautiful custom cells white background was visible…. an eye sore…. So here is a tutorial… 1.Take an Image view before the table … Read more

Identifying and removing white spaces new line and carriage return

Recently i was making an NSMutableArray from a string by separating the string by component, Unfortunately it was filling too many empty useless elements into my array…in order to remove them i used following code  for (int i=0;i<contentsOfFile.count; i++)      {         if(!([[contentsOfFile objectAtIndex:i]isEqual:@”n”]||[[contentsOfFile objectAtIndex:i]isEqual:@””]||[[contentsOfFile objectAtIndex:i]isEqual:@”rn”]))         [arrayToBereturned addObject:[contentsOfFile objectAtIndex:i]];     … Read more

Making color from RGB values in xcode

XCode takes RGB values in range [0,1] so in order to make a color from RGB values which you picked from any image editing tool you have to divide them by 255. e.g.  [UIColor colorWithRed:90 green:45 blue:10 alpha:1] wont work use [UIColor colorWithRed:(90/255) green:(45/255) blue:(10/255) alpha:1];

diffrence between abstract class and interface in java?

Methods of a Java interface are implicitly abstract and cannot have implementations where as a Java abstract class can have instance methods that implements a default behavior. Variables declared in a Java interface is by default final. An  abstract class may contain non-final variables. Members of a Java interface are public by default. A Java abstract class can have the … Read more

Linker command failed with exit code 1….

Hi I faced this problem and want to share it with u so that it can save your time….. when i updated my XCode project from svn its build failed due to this error… Undefined symbols for architecture i386:   “_OBJC_CLASS_$_Help”, referenced from:       objc-class-ref in Home.o ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture … Read more

Adding custom font in xcode…

Hi steps of adding custom fonts in xcode is Add your custom font files into your project using XCode as resources. Add key font provided by application to your info plist.(array key) For each font add the full font file name along with extension as item into the key. Now you can use the font … Read more