Block for excuting task after fixed interval give NSTimer a miss


If ever you feel the need to repeat a task after say 5 seconds and you feel nastimer is too clumsy to use then you can use…


void runBlockEveryMinute(int *breakCondition, dispatch_block_t block) {
// initial block call // get the current time
struct timespec startPopTime;
gettimeofday((struct timeval *) &startPopTime, NULL); // trim the time
startPopTime.tv_sec -= (startPopTime.tv_sec % 5); startPopTime.tv_sec += 5;//5 for 5 second make it 60 for one min
dispatch_time_t time = dispatch_walltime(&startPopTime, 0);
dispatch_block_t __block afterBlock = ^(void) {
return ;
dispatch_after(dispatch_time(DISPATCH_TIME_NOW, NSEC_PER_SEC * 5), dispatch_get_main_queue(), afterBlock);
dispatch_after(time, dispatch_get_main_queue(), afterBlock); // start the 'timer' going notice the recursive call

This is a static C style function call it where you want it

[code]runBlockEveryMinute(&flagBreak, ^{
// this will get called every 5 sec


when ever you need to stop it just set the value of int flagBreak to 1or any non zero value;
hope this helps some one.

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