Invite TestFlight testers with a public link

Everyone loved Diawi for its simplicity. Good news is Apple has made beta testing simple, like Diawi. Now you can Invite TestFlight testers with a public link. No need to manage email list and testers can remain anonymous.

So now you can drop your app test link in a public forum for anonymous users to test and you can put a limit to the number of people who can join

Any admin or app manager can enable test link for the app. You can enable public link from within an external tester group and anyone clicking that link will get a TestFlight invite to that test group.TestFlight public link can be disabled any time.

TestFlight public test link highlights

  • Now you can invite anyone to beta test your app, by simply sharing a link
  • The link is public and can be shared anywhere and will lead to a TestFlight invite.
  • Admin or App Manager can enable or disable link any time
  • The number of people joining through public link can be limited.


A pat on the back !!