Rename Xcode 9 project completely with Pods and Bridging header

Renaming a Xcode project with Pods and Bridging Header

There are few extra steps involved with bridging headers and Pods.Fist lets deal with bridging headers

Changing name of bridging headers 

Continuing with our old project , you can see a OldName-Bridging-Header.h file rename it to NewName-Bridging-Header.h as shown in the image

reame to NewName-Bridging-Header.h

Now go to target -> buildsettings -> Swift compiler general setting and change the bridging header file name to NewName-Bridging-Header.h as shown below

Now we just need to rename our Pods which is a very simple process

Changing Name of Pod

  1. Open Podfile  and change target to “NewName”
  2. Close Xcode
  3. Go to project folder in finder and delete
    1. Pods folder
    2. Podfile.lock
    3. OldProject.xcworkspace

Image below shows where to rename Target in Podfile

Now run Pod install and a NewName.xcworkspace will be formed open it.Last step is to remove Pods_OldName.framework from Target-> general->Linked Framework and libraries.



A pat on the back !!