Identifying and removing white spaces new line and carriage return

Recently i was making an NSMutableArray from a string by separating the string by component, Unfortunately it was filling too many empty useless elements into my array…in order to remove them i used following code  for (int i=0;i<contentsOfFile.count; i++)      {         if(!([[contentsOfFile objectAtIndex:i]isEqual:@”n”]||[[contentsOfFile objectAtIndex:i]isEqual:@””]||[[contentsOfFile objectAtIndex:i]isEqual:@”rn”]))        … Read more »

diffrence between abstract class and interface in java?

Methods of a Java interface are implicitly abstract and cannot have implementations where as a Java abstract class can have instance methods that implements a default behavior. Variables declared in a Java interface is by default final. An  abstract class may contain non-final variables. Members of a Java interface are public by default. A Java… Read more »