how to add ParseKit to your project…

Parsekit is a very powerfull yet simple tokenizer  you can make your own language parser using parse kit.
in this post i will tell you how to integrate parsekit to your project.The procee on the parse kit website is for xcode 3. Lets get started

Step 1. Take check out of the ParseKit from     svn co    Copy paste on terminal

Step2. Open your X Code project and open the folder containing the ParseKit in finder.Now rag the blue parsekit project below the blue icon of your project in xcode.

Step3. Now go to your project Build Phases and click open link binary with libraries ,click on + symbol  and add libparsekit.a.

Step4. Now in a similar fashion add libicucore.dylib to your link binary with library.
open target dependency and add parskitmobile to it.

Step5. Under the Build Setting tab of your app’s Target Info window, edit the Header Search Paths Setting to include the path to the include folder inside of the ParseKit folder you checked out. Make sure you edit this for All Configurations, not just the active one.

Step 6. Finally, in the same window, edit the Other Linker Flags Setting to include the following flags: -ObjC -all_load. (This is needed for code in Objective-C categories in the ParseKit static library to execute successfully.)

Step7. In clude header file parseKit/parsekit.h and u r good to go.

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