Change Status Bar text color in iOS

When you need to change the text color of status bar to white in order to enhance visibility you can proceed as shown below Set the UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance to YES in the .plist file. In the viewDidLoad do a [self setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate]; Add the following method: In order to cater for ViewControllers embedded in a NavigationController use this insted SwiftUI For swift UI add … Read more

Understanding UIView ContentMode with a simple example

Most of the time there is confusion about various content modes. I would like to clarify all 13 of them in this post. There are 13 content modes as listed below Scale To Fill Aspect Fit Aspect Fill Redraw Center Top Bottom Left Right Top Left Top Right Bottom Left Bottom Right Now I would … Read more

Filter bad CLLocation objects in didUpdateLocations function

We get location objects in CLLocationManager’s The issue however is it also gives us some CLLocation objects which are low quality. Since plotting low-quality CLLocation or using them can lead to a bad user experience. We can solve this by using the following properties of CLLocation object horizontalAccuracy verticalAccuracy timestamp All the accuracy properties are … Read more

Animate UIProgressView backward

There are situations where we need to use the UIProgressView as a count-down bar. We want to count it from 1 to 0. There are two ways in which this can be achieved. Flipping the UIProgressView This is the old solution that can be used if you are supporting below iOS 9.0. In this method, … Read more

AVPlayerViewController as subview

We understand that AVPlayerViewController is a ViewController and like all view controllers, it takes full view when it’s either pushed or presented. But it can also be rendered as a subview with a custom frame by adding it as a child viewcontroller. The approach is pretty straightforward. The code given below plays a video from … Read more

Embed YouTube video in WKWebView

Get the youtube video URL Add WKWebView to your UIView using code. Somehow it works better when added through code. Your resulting code will look like this 3. Now create a request with your youtube URL and add ?playsinline=1 this will play video inline. The resulting code will look like this To get the best … Read more


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