xcrun: error: active developer path does not exist

If while using git or brew commands you get  “xcrun: error: active developer path (“/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer”) does not exist” it means that xcode command line tool is not being found. Happens usually after updating Xcode or removing it. usually one of the two commands given below resolves it sudo xcode-select – -reset    (you will need … Read more

Perform Wireless Debugging in Xcode 9 with iOS 11

Xcode 9 make you free with wireless debugging.No more tied to cable. In order to connect your device for wireless debugging you need to perform following steps Open Devices and Simulators window Connect your device normally with lightening cable Select the device which you want to connect from Devices tab Check Connect via network After … Read more

Passing Data between View Controllers

A ViewController in an application is seldom standalone in nature. They require data from ViewControllers in front and from those behind them, this leaves us with two types of data passing Forward Data passing Backward data passing For discussing both kinds of data passing we have two ViewCotrollers ASViewController ASViewControllerB Forward data passing between ViewControllers … Read more

Xcode: Failed to update auto layout status

Once in a while we come across a situation where our storyboard or xib does not show the UI but only the frames with blue lines marking the views. This issue is caused due to Xcode not being able to read autolayouts and are more frequent on slow macs. The problem can be solved in … Read more

What does GM Seed mean in Xcode GM Seed

Apple just launched Xcode 11 GM seed and had many people confused what GM Seed means. GM stands for gold master. It is finalized firmware released before the public release. It is different from beta versions as it can be used to build and upload apps on Appstore DOWNLOAD XCODE XIP?DMG FROM>>>

String length in Swift

To get the string length in swift we have two options depending on swift version Swift 3 yourString.characters.count //EXAMPLE if yourString.characters.count == 0{ //do something } 2. Swift 4 yourString.count //EXAMPLE if yourString.count == 0{ //do something }