UITableView Tutorial : Creating a simple app in swift

This article has been updated for Swift 3

One of the most versatile UI elements which you come across in iOS development is UITableView.With a combination of custom cell and animation its possibilities are endless.From fancy menu to image scroll you must have found it at many places. In fact UITableView is so versatile that you can truly divide UI in two parts those which can be made using UITableView and those which cannot.I must admit in one of my lazy spur i rotated UITableView using CGAffineTransform to implement horizontal scroll.

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Understanding Auto layouts for beginners Part-1

This is the first part of tutorial aimed at increasing comfort level with auto layout as its all about how well you understand auto layout. First thing about auto layout is,either you hate it or you love it,there is no scope for ignoring it. Auto layout is not a new kid in the block it is well established and it will either bully you or be your friend choice is yours. The tutorial is aimed at understanding auto layout and communicating auto layout. I have divided the tutorial in two parts

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