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iOS is the operating system by Apple used in Apple’s mobile devices like iPhone,iPad,iPod.

Perform Wireless Debugging in Xcode 9 with iOS 11

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Xcode 9 make you free with wireless debugging.No more tied to cable. In order to connect your device for wireless debugging you need to perform following steps Open Devices and Simulators window Connect your device normally with lightening cable Select the device which you want to connect from Devices tab… Read more »

Transport security has blocked a cleartext HTTP

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App Transport Security ATS encourages developers to use HTTPS over HTTP and thus any HTTP request is blocked. You can still workaround this security feature during development. But remember its strictly a workaround and should not be carried over to production as it will leave you app vulnerable Workaround for… Read more »

Passing Data between View Controllers

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A ViewController in an application is seldom standalone in nature. They require data from ViewControllers in front and from those behind them, this leaves us with two types of data passing Forward Data passing Backward data passing For discussing both kinds of data passing we have two ViewCotrollers ASViewController ASViewControllerB… Read more »

What does GM Seed mean in Xcode GM Seed

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  Apple just launched Xcode 9 GM seed and had many people confused what GM Seed means. GM stands for gold master. It is finalized firmware released before the public release. It is different from beta versions as it can be used to build and upload apps on Appstore   DOWNLOAD… Read more »

Xcode dmg download

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In 2015 apple remove hundreds of apps from Appstore. Hackers some how managed to directly infect the build system of hacked XCode and upload infected apps to Appstore. Infected XCode where also available for download over the website and many unsuspecting developer were using them. “We’ve removed the apps from… Read more »

Swift 3 UIColor utilities : Random Hex color codes, Random UIColor

Simple  to use swift 3 functions which are very useful in development and testing. 1.Generating random UIColor in Swift 3: Function returns random UIColor each time func randomUIColor(alpha:CGFloat!)-> UIColor { return UIColor.init(red:(CGFloat(arc4random_uniform(256))/255.0), green:CGFloat(arc4random_uniform(256))/255.0, blue: (CGFloat(arc4random_uniform(256))/255.0), alpha: alpha) } 2.Random HEX Color code in Swift 3 : Function returns random 3 char… Read more »

Download Xcode: Download Xcode 10/9/8/7 xip

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Download links for Xcode 10.1,Xcode 10, Xcode 9, Xcode 8, XCode 7, XCode 6 are given below.The list is organized in newest first and a developer account login will be required. Latest Xcode version on top BUY ME A BEER!! Xcode 10 10.2 10.1 10.0 Xcode 9 9.4 9.3 9.2 9.1… Read more »

Apple into BLE and WiFi aided indoor positioning

In WWDC 2014  session 708 Apple gave a introduction about indoor positioning. The indoor positioning is a area which cannot be covered using GPS as the signals are not expected to be accurate enough inside steal and concrete structure.So the the available signals were WiFi and beacons using BLE.