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Xcode dmg download

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In 2015 apple remove hundreds of apps from Appstore. Hackers some how managed to directly infect the build system of hacked XCode and upload infected apps to Appstore. Infected XCode where also available for download over the website and many unsuspecting developer were using them. “We’ve removed the apps from… Read more »

Swift 3 UIColor utilities : Random Hex color codes, Random UIColor

Simple  to use swift 3 functions which are very useful in development and testing. 1.Generating random UIColor in Swift 3: Function returns random UIColor each time func randomUIColor(alpha:CGFloat!)-> UIColor { return UIColor.init(red:(CGFloat(arc4random_uniform(256))/255.0), green:CGFloat(arc4random_uniform(256))/255.0, blue: (CGFloat(arc4random_uniform(256))/255.0), alpha: alpha) } 2.Random HEX Color code in Swift 3 : Function returns random 3 char… Read more »

Download XCode: Download 6/7/8/9 xcode dmg

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Download links of XCode dmg files for XCode 4, XCode 5, XCode 6, XCode 7, XCode 8 are given below. The list is organized in newest first and a developer account login will be required. Latest Xcode version on top Xcode 9 9.2 9.1 9.0.1 Xcode 8 8.3.3 8.2.1 8.1 8.0… Read more »